Our history

In 1984 grandfather Silvestro had begun to build the farm in the countryside of Rotello for his animals. At the beginning the property consisted of the olive grove and a small room. The life of the grandparents passed between the hard work of the country, the care of the animals and the preparation of traditional recipes. Their main activities were the production of olive oil, cereals, the cultivation of melons and tomatoes and the breeding of pigs.

The renovation began in 2018: with her passion for travels and art, Giulia has started to imagine the grandparents’ farm as an artistic residency and has reactivated the olive oil production. Donna Elena, with her knowledge about traditional Italian recipes and nature, collaborates in the realization of live cooking and in the care of the olive grove. Daddy Luciano helps with gardening, guest reception and guided tours. 

In 2019 Giulia has chosen “Il Giardino” as the official name for her project: she has been inspired by an old high school memory, the “Letter on happiness” of Epicurus. ​

Il Giardino is also existing thanks to a group of young and motivated girls, called “Le Giardiniere”, always ready to support the farm’s cultural activities.